Evening Service

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Services Sunday's at 5:50pm

Like a snow flake falling from the sky, the good Lord has designed us all differently. But one thing we all have in common is that we experience “hurts, habits and hang ups” in life.

Come to Celebrate Life and witness the amazing way that God can and will restore us to sanity.

A different speaker each week shares their testimony of what the power of God has done in their lives. Hear heart wrenching stories about addictions, rape, marriage struggles, divorce, imprisonment, abuse, family issues and more; and be encouraged at how God has helped each one through their struggle of life.

Celebrate Life is not a traditional church service. It’s more of an introduction to the “God of your understanding.”

Also for those of us who know God, it’s a time of affirmation of what God can do to change and transform the lives of broken people and make us whole again, and make us a bit more like Him.

There is Communion every week and a time for personal prayer ministry. So whatever your issue is, you’ll never have to leave carrying your burden alone.

Check us out at 5:50 p.m. at Wall Street United Church. “Come as you are” is our motto.

You will not leave the same….. guaranteed.

Always a good cup of coffee, goodies and fresh bread for sharing available too!