Thank you for thinking about having your wedding at Wall Street United Church. We believe that it is God who brings couples together and that a very good way to begin your marriage is by having God a part of your wedding and seeking God’s blessing.

We believe that each couple is unique and that each wedding should be special and we are happy to work with you to make sure that it is a memorable and moving ceremony.

We believe that a wedding service is an act of Christian worship. This means that the wedding music, the taking of photographs, the vows exchanged, any special readings – should fit within the context of Christian worship within the tradition of the United Church. We are quite flexible within this general parameter and are open to discussing your wishes when we meet.

All who are eligible for a wedding license in the province of Ontario may be married in our church.

The minister who presides at your service will want to meet with both of you to discuss your needs and answer any questions you have regarding your preparation for marriage.

We have set wedding fees at Wall Street United Church. They are determined by our Church Board. The current wedding fees add up to $730.00. For this fee, you receive the use of our beautiful church sanctuary and the time and professional services of our minister, organist, caretaker, sound technician and secretary. There is also an option of having your wedding videotaped and recorded. A deposit of $100.00 is required when the church is booked with the balance of $630.00 being payable one week before your wedding.

We will be glad to talk with you about your plans and dreams for your wedding if you wish to have it at Wall Street. Just give us a call at our Church Office at 342-5401 or email us at ""